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Wayne Strattman on the mystery of life and “Designing the Improbable”

Interviewed by Megan Magbee for MONA Blog
Your current show, “Designing the Improbable”, is currently on display at MONA. What is it  about your work that is “improbable”? That term refers to the theme of many of my works, that the source of the inspiration is from the “improbable” event or circumstance.  The pieces, for example, that are part molecule and part organic are from a larger series I’ve been exploring that examines the really “improbable” assemblage of molecules over eons of time into organic, self-reproducing forms that ultimately result in human intelligence after billions of years of evolution by some mysterious process, and which is ultimately  capable of self-reflection and taking inspiration from their own evolution.  Truly as improbable a scenario as I can imagine.
Plasma art seems like the perfect convergence of art and science. What was your first introduction to plasma as an art medium? I wanted to make a gas laser from the time I was a kid growing up on Sci-Fi films…